2 Ingredient Low-Fat Fruit Dip

Keep your snack healthy with this 2 Ingredient Low-Fat Fruit Dip.
Fruit dip made with Cool Whip Lite and low-fat yogurt.

It’s moving week for us which means I’m a bit stressed.  My husband is even more stressed (and for good reason!) because he takes the biggest test of his life in a week from today– Step 1 of the medical boards.  He is totally going to rock it though (but prayers are definitely appreciated, welcomed…) because he has been studying for it for the last two years!

Luckily we’re moving just 10 minutes away but gosh I sure hate boxing things up… especially all of our books.  I finally decided to part with my text books but my husband really likes to read so we have like 5 really heavy boxes full of them.  I should admit though that one box is full of my cookbooks and I’m not parting with those!  Packing up the kitchen is pretty bad too especially since becoming a food blogger (I’ve accumulated A LOT of dishes).  Cross your fingers nothing breaks!

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