Mini Raspberry Lemon Cheesecakes

Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake | Garnish & GlazeThese are mini Raspberry Lemon Cheesecakes (recipe below has directions for a regular size cheesecake too).  See, I love anything/everything mini.  It’s just so cute!  Plus it helps with portion control as well as waste control.  It takes awhile to eat through a cheesecake so I thought “why not half the recipe?!”

Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake | Garnish & Glaze


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Pork Pad Thai | Garnish & Glaze

Pork Pad Thai

I’m so excited to finally share this Pork Pad Thai with you!  I made it a few weeks ago and I just kept putting off posting it which I have no idea why because you are going to LOVE it!  It’s a complete meal in all its yumminess.  Starch?  ✔ Protein?   ✔✔✔ (Pork, peanut butter, peanuts)… 

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Vanilla Nut Granola | Garnish and Glaze

Vanilla Nut Granola

I sure love a good crunch!  Don’t you?!  And I not only love it but I kind of HAVE to have it.  Like when I eat yogurt, I can’t just eat it plain.  There’s got to be granola and if I’m lucky, some fresh fruit too.  It’s a texture thing.  I blame (or I guess thank)… 

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Blueberry Pie with a hint of apple | Garnish and Glaze

Blueberry Pie

Okay, I might be a little obsessed with blueberries if you couldn’t tell from how many recipes I have posted with them in.  But really, how could you not love these little dudes?  They’re little (cute points!), blue (not too many foods are naturally blue), full of antioxidants, and sweet!  Plus they pair well with… 

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30 Minute Farmers' Market Chicken Skillet | Garnish & Glaze

Farmers’ Market Chicken Skillet

My husband calls this Farmers’ Market Chicken Skillet a “real meal”.   Which means he really likes it and makes him feel satisfied.  Something about chicken and rice?  Anyway, it’s super tasty, simple (only 30 minutes), low calorie,  high in protein, and is loaded with veggies.  Oh yeah, and you just need one pan.  Yay… 

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Hawaiian Beef Tacos | Garnish and Glaze

Hawaiian Beef Tacos

Head to paradise with these tasty Hawaiian Beef Tacos!  So amazingly good with the tender and crispy sweet meat (that has a touch of heat), topped with yummy grilled pineapple (my fav!) salsa, all bundled up in a soft yet crisp tortilla that has melted cheese on it.  Oh yeah babe! Plus it’s sure fast to… 

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Corn, Cucumber, and Radish Tartines | Garnish and Glaze

Corn, Cucumber, & Radish Tartines

This Corn, Cucumber, & Radish Tartine is a perfect healthy after-school snack for kids and adults! Well summer is over for us.  Nick started his second year of med school (yay!  Just three more crazy study years until the dreaded residency… I really shouldn’t be counting down.  I hear med school is a breeze compared to… 

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