Slow Cooker Turkey Breast and Gravy

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast | Garnish and Glaze

K, before we get to talking about this yummy and easy turkey, I need your help!   My daughter really likes to throw her cup and food on the floor which is typical of a toddler but we have carpet in our dinning area (not the best design for an apartment).  When I catch her, I say “No, no, no!” and begin to take away all her food and clean her up.  My goal was to have her  not throw things on the ground but instead she just learned to imitate me.  She’ll toss her food, look me in the eyes, and say “no, no!” while pointing and then smile.  She’s actually kinda cute when she does it but the mess is not.  Do I just lay an ugly tarp on my floor or does anyone have some great tricks?

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast | Garnish and Glaze

Thanksgiving is just a few days away!  If you aren’t planning on having a huge crowd but still want a moist and tender turkey then this is the perfect recipe for you!  You just take a 5-6 pound bone-in turkey breast and throw it in the crock-pot (you can’t really go bigger or it won’t fit) for 5 hours.  …

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