Southwest Pepper Jack Burgers

Take a break from the traditional burger and enjoy these juicy and flavorful Southwest Pepper Jack Burgers.
Southwest Pepper Jack Burgers are packed with flavor and topped with fresh condiments.

My husband and I are newly proud owners of our very own barbecue grill!  It may not seem very exciting to some of you but oh my, it’s changed our lives!!!  Okay, maybe just our dinners.  We tried to salvage the very old grill left behind by the previous owners but we were going to have to buy some new parts so we figured we would spend a little more to get one that will last longer than just this summer.  It barely fit in our little car to take home and then took us a couple hours to put together, but we’ve been using it every day it hasn’t rained since.  This burger is just one of the yummy meals we’ve been able to enjoy because of the grill.  Definitely worth it!…

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